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Published on 09 February 2019


Christmas 2018

Dear Friends

I included these words in the Advent Sunday service, and then forgot to include them on the day:

Time is too slow for those who wait
too swift for those who fear
too long for those who grieve
too short for those who rejoice
but for those who love
time is eternity

They are words of an American author, Henry van Dyke, which were read at the funeral of Princess Diana and have been much borrowed and re-used in song and story.  Van Dyke was a prolific author, and another well-known work is the story “The Other Wise Man, ” which imagines the 33-year travels of a fourth wise man who got left behind and never quite caught up with Jesus.  As he seeks the Saviour, he has (as it were) already found him.  Although Van Dyke authored the story, he commented that he never felt that he had made it up.  It came as a gift.

Those of us who have celebrated Christmas many times before must pray to be surprised and delighted afresh by the story of God.  No story is more ancient.  And no other story is as fresh and new.

As well as joining in our Christmas worship at St Matthew’s, you can get free daily Christmas reflections from the Church of England via e-mail or even an app!  Just search for  #FollowTheStar.

Wishing you peace and joy at Christmas and always
Your servant in Christ