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Published on 01 January 2022

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Giving to the Church

St. Matthews Church is financially sustained by the efforts of it’s parishioners, many of whom use the Parish Giving Sheme.  Donations can be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. They are collected by Direct Debit on the first day of the month.  The gift is then passed on to the specified church within ten days of collection. Gift Aid will be sent separately once it has been received from HMRC.

A unique feature of the scheme is the option for the donor to commit in principle to increase their gift annually in line with inflation.  This is entirely at the donor’s discretion on an opt-in basis but more than 60% of the cash received is index-linked.  

Donors receive an initial letter confirming their details and welcoming them to the scheme.  All those who have requested to inflate their giving annually will then receive a letter one month preceding the anniversary of their first gift informing them of their soon to be inflated gift (with the option to vary it).

However, for a variety of reasons not everyone is able to subscribe to this service, so it is supplemented by an envelope scheme and open plate donations.

In addition to all these arrangements the Church also has a monthly collection for Malawi, via the USPG supporting education, health, income generation, care for the environment and gender rights,  and supports a Sponsored Child through the charity Embrace the Middle East and the Church of England Children’s Home through home collection boxes.

On-Line Giving

During these difficult times the Church is sustained by the Parish Giving Scheme, but for those who aren’t able to benefit from this scheme, we have set up an on-line giving facility to allow you to donate by Credit or Debit Card.  The service is easy to use, and allows either suggested donation amounts, or you can specify your preferred amount. You can also add a few details to allow us to claim an extra 25% gift aid on the Lockdown campaign.  Unfortunately we can’t claim Gift Aid on the Sponsored Child and Malawi Collection.  If you are able to use this via a credit card you may need your Securecode to authorise the transaction.  

Three campaigns are still available; The first is the regular Lockdown down campaign to ensure that the churches running costs are met during this difficult time, The Second is for St. Matthew’s Sponsored Child, Many of us donated on a regular basis to the sponsored Child when we were in Church, so this is an opportunity to continue those regular donations.  The Third is the regular Malawi Hospital Charity that we have donated to on the first Sunday in a month for many years. To make a donation click one of the boxes below.